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My name is Nicholas Wieland (or ngw), and I'm a software developer.

I love to travel and dwell in different countries, cities and cultures, that's why I'm so fond of my job.

I used to live in Seattle, Treviso, Mantua, Milan and Moscow. I'm currently based in London.

I'm in love with the web since early 2000s, my first website was a static monstruosity on a free hosting for an Ultima Online independent server.

Since then I've learned a lot of programming languages and technologies, mostly specializing in Ruby and lately some newer technologies like Elixir and Elm, to which I must add a rather long love story with Haskell.

During my free time I enjoy pubs, football, ice hockey, books, and my Nintendo Switch. I spend most of it with my beautiful wife, awesome boys and amazing dog.

In case you want to know more about my work, here's my (as) updated (as possible) resume.

NoFeed Limited

After almost 2 decades I made the big step forward (hopefully) into consulting, and NoFeed Limited is my company.

It all started more than 15 years ago when I convinced my good old friend Deelan to design a frontend for my amazing startup which would be called "NoFeed ~ No music for the masses", a social network based on reviews of musical records that would help discover new music through tagging and metadata (bear with me, seriously a lot of time ago).

That name got stuck in my head, when I had to choose a name for my Ltd the choice was quite obvious.


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